Monday, October 15, 2012

Journey of Sisterhood

I've had some struggles in my life lately.  
Big life changes.  The end of a marriage kind of changes.
It has been gut wrenching, heart aching, painfully awful.  
I know I'm not the only one who has survived this type of pain.
I see it every day, in little ways and in big ways in the eyes of people I meet.


Some days are so dark, I wonder if the sun will ever come out in my life again.
And then I'm surprised when it does.  
It breaks through the clouds and sends down glowing streaks of light, 
making brilliant halos around surprising moments.

 "Notice this" whispers the light.

Those glowing moments usually involve other women.  
Sisters who have walked through dark forests of their own.  
I'm always surprised when, even in the dark, they can find my hand.
And they take that moment to reach out and grasp it, warm and firm.
A solid hold.  "I've got you."

Together we walk the path.  
Our raucous laughter swallowing the dark. 
Creating lives of worth and beauty. 

"Notice this" whispers the light.

Thank you to all my sisters of the heart who've been so valiantly holding my hand.
You are my shining lights.  The brilliance of your generous spirit lights my path.

Much love,

Journey of Sisterhood - Acrylic on Canvas - © Shelly Penko 2012